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Who We Are

Fire Ready Pros help property owners evaluate and mitigate risks from wildfires. We evaluate properties both qualitatively and quantitatively to asses their level of risk from wildfire and create a comprehensive, data-driven report of a property's unique risks. This analysis enables us to offer  specific fire risk mitigation actions that will reduce a structure's vulnerability to wildfire to protect you, your family, and your prized possessions.    

Certified Wildfire Specialists

Our professional inspectors are Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialists. We collect 100+ data points to understand your home's wildfire risk factors. We build this data into a comprehensive report on your property so owners can understand their risks and follow data-driven best practice recommendations to lower the risk of losing a home to wildfire.

Comprehensive Report

Our report is comprehensive:  

  • emergency evacuation plan
  • insurance adequacy assessment
  • recommendations on storing and duplicating documents, photographs, sentimental objects, and art
  • fire risk analysis of home and surroundings
  • prioritized risk mitigation recommendations
  • follow-up evaluation and FireReady* rating post-mitigation

We offer the market's most comprehensive, in-depth analysis of individual properties and empower home owners to create a safer home in a world increasingly at risk from wildfire.

Marc Nadeau

Founder & Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist

Hearing the shock and fear in a loved one's voice at the sight of a wall of fire roaring towards Santa Rosa in the wee hours of October 9, 2017, brought the gut-churning reality of wildfire risk crashing into my life. Seeing friends and family evacuate their homes for weeks, not knowing if their homes had survived for days on end, made me realize not only how unprepared they were to leave, but how little they knew about how to protect their homes and their most prized possessions. This led me to research their questions and my own:

  • What should I have done to protect my home?
  • Was my home adequately insured?  
  • Who can help me plan for wildfire?

I founded FireReady Pros to guide property owners through these questions and more. As the son of a firefighter, it's incredibly satisfying for me to give families peace of mind by ensuring that their homes are protected long before fire threatens.