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What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying


Whitney M.

Sonoma County, CA

"Marc Nadeau takes a comprehensive and balanced approach to evaluating and minimizing fire risk.  A resident of Sonoma County, he understands the trade-offs we often struggle to make, balancing safety with the lifestyle and the natural beauty of Northern California. He is committed to helping homeowners assess the immediate and long-term improvements, bringing the peace of mind that comes from having an informed approach and a plan of action."


Sivi R.

Sebastopol, CA

"In the past four years, we’ve had three fire seasons in Sonoma County. Now that fires are sadly the new normal, we wanted to learn how to protect our home and land. Marc Nadeau of FireReady Pros assessed our property for potential hazards, warmly and patiently walked us through his recommendations, and gave us a prioritized checklist of measures to make our house and property less vulnerable to fire. Thanks to Marc, we now feel more hopeful that we can take preventative measures to make our home and property fire safe."

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"Living through fire season is still worrisome, but less so after working with Marc at FireReadyPros.  I have a better understanding of what can be done to reduce my risk (more than I thought, which is good!) and prepare for an emergency.  Most importantly I have a prioritized and manageable plan to implement and am well on my way to completing that plan.  I strongly recommend a consultation with Marc. "

Ben C.